Frédéric Dulyère is first and foremost a passionate. He has developed this passion thanks to his parents, themselves antique dealers and collectors.


Graduated in art history and archaeology from the Université Libre de Bruxelles, he improves his formation on the Belgium or France art market.

Co-founder of De facto magazine, monthly magazine of art and history of arts, he frequents the arts community, conservators and journalists.

Since more than 20 years, he exercises as  antique and art dealer and

is alwayslooking for rare objects or surprising and unusual objects.


This constant search has never made him forget the human side of

his profession. Indeed, behind every piece of art, there is a history,

a collector, a life. It’s in this service provider mindset that Frédéric Dulyère exercises his antique dealer profession


Our Customers


Our customers are made up from Belgian or foreign collectors, decorator, antique dealers constantly looking for newly arrived items.

We are the link between you and them.

We are at your disposal for any bid  or estimation free of charge

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